What You Can Do


-          Share with us information you have about LGBT and LGBT-related youth books that are not already in our databases.

-          Share LGBT and LGBT-related youth books, and information about them with friends, families, teachers, schools, and libraries – and also with your communities, periodicals, online communities, social networks, et cetera. 

-          Buy LGBT and LGBT-related youth literature – for yourselves, for family and friends, for your school or library. They make great gifts and donations!

-          Share your reviews of interesting LGBT and LGBT-related youth literature that you have read.


-          Urge your friends, family, teachers, schools, libraries, and communities to make available and make use of quality LGBT and LGBT-related youth literature.

-          Encourage your school, library, or bookstore to improve its organization, cataloging and display of LGBT and LGBT-related youth literature. Recommend that they allot special shelves to highlight their collections. Or help organize special displays during Pride Month (June) or around Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Parents’ Day or Family Day.

-          Speak out and write out against book banning and bullying of all kinds, globally and in your local community.

-          Tell your story! Talk or write about how LGBT and LGBT-related literature have helped you or someone you know.


-          Write a book!

-          Translate a book!

-          Illustrate a book!

Then share it with us!

Have another idea? Share it with us: lgbtyouthliterature@gmail.com !