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 This is the primary website we use to share our comprehensive lists of LGBT Youth Literature.
 Click here to view our GoodReads site.
 On this site you can view our GoodReads Bookshelves: our official lists of LGBT Youth Literature broken down by categories (All LGBT Youth Literature, LGBT Children's Literature, LGBT Young Adult Literature, etc.) This book also has links to help you find books in your local libraries, and also online libraries and bookstores.

 On this site you can also view our GoodReads Listopia Lists!
 These are interactive lists in which anyone can "vote" to add other books to the list. Please use these lists to add your own LGBT and LGBT-Relevant Youth Literature Books that we might not yet know about!

 1)  LGBT Children's Literature Listopia List

 2)  LGBT Young Adult Literature Listopia List.

 And more to come!

 You can also join our GoodReads LGBT Children's Literature Discussion Group to stay up to date on the latest LGBT Children's Literature.

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Google Books: Our Online Bookshelves, Previews, and Multiple Languages

To view our online library and book lists in multiple languages on Google Books please click here.
Google Books is an excellent online resource for finding books, viewing samples from books, and finding books in online bookstores.
Google Books - and our LGBT Youth Google Books Bookshelves- also includes LGBT Youth books in more languages other than English than does Goodreads or other sites. We will hopefully soon be uploading information on LGBT Youth Books in other languages to Goodreads - and YOU CAN HELP but uploading and sharing information on books that you know to Goodreads, Google Books, and other sites!


To view our Worldcat online library catalog and profile please click here.
Worldcat is an excellent online resource for finding books in your local library or other libraries around the world, and also finding bibliographic information for books.